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Audi Design Shanghai 2024

Audi Design Shanghai 2024

Audi Design Shanghai 2024

At Design Shanghai 2024, Audi impresses once again with an immersive installation that seamlessly blends technology and art. The audio, video, and lighting design were created by CMY Brand Solutions. The colleagues from CMY Brand Solutions China oversaw the trial setup and the construction of the booth.

The dynamic light installations create a captivating atmosphere, transporting visitors into the future of mobility.

For this purpose, over 200 individually controllable "Light Triangles" were developed, which communicated with visitors on-site through light.

Link to Video – Audi Deutschland

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Zertifizierter Fachplaner BMA und SAA


With CMY Brand Solutions, you have found the ideal partner for the planning and installation of fire detection and voice alarm systems. We understand that the correct planning and implementation of these systems are crucial to protect human lives, buildings, and assets.

Our expertise extends to strict adherence to the guidelines and standards applicable to such systems. As a certified specialist according to DIN 14678 and EN 16763 by TÜV Rheinland, we guarantee the highest quality and expertise in every phase of the project.

Trust CMY Brand Solutions to ensure the security of your facility and maximize the protection of your employees and assets.

Link to Certificate – Certipedia

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Audi Beijing 2024

Audi Beijing 2024

Audi Beijing 2024

After six years, we finally returned to Beijing this year to attend the auto show.

Through careful audio, media and lighting planning, as well as comprehensive on-site support, we supported Audi's excellent trade fair appearance and press conference.

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Audi Charging Hub Frankfurt

Audi Charging Hub Frankfurt

Audi Charging Hub Frankfurt

The 6th Audi Charging Hub is now operational! In late February 2024, it was inaugurated in Frankfurt am Main, near Hanauer Landstraße.

For this location, CMY Brand Solutions reliably handled the AVL and electrical planning, as well as the integration of security cameras and the planning of the PV system.

#Electromobility #Sustainability #AudiChargingHub #RenewableEnergy #FutureOfMobility #CMYBrandSolutions

Pre-qualified companies, advantages for the builder|Customers

Pre-qualified companies

⚠️ Pre-qualified companies, advantages for the builder | Customers ⚠️

Construction prequalification is a crucial step for builders to ensure they are working with reliable and competent contractors. This pre-qualification allows builders to minimize potential risks and maximize the success of their construction project.

Quality assurance: By pre-qualifying, builders can ensure that the selected contractors have the necessary expertise, skills, and experience to successfully complete the construction project.

Risk mitigation: Careful prequalification helps to identify and assess potential risks at an early stage.

Time and cost savings: By selecting qualified contractors from the start, builders can save time and money. Pre-qualified contractors are typically better able to stay on schedule, operate efficiently, and proactively address potential issues, resulting in a smoother execution of the construction project.

Improved communication and collaboration: Prequalification allows builders to work more closely with contractors who understand their requirements and expectations. Through clear communication and a shared vision for the project, misunderstandings can be avoided and the efficiency of collaboration can be increased.

Reputation and credibility: By working with pre-qualified contractors, builders can strengthen their own standing and credibility in the construction industry. Selecting contractors with proven expertise and reliability can increase the confidence of customers, investors, and other stakeholders in the construction project and its execution.

#Präqualifizierung #Qualität #Planungssicherheit #Zeitersparnis #CMYBrandSolutions

Welcome, Dete Huegen: audio technology expert

Welcome, Dete Huegen: audio technology expert

Welcome, Dete Huegen: audio technology expert

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest addition to the CMY family – Dete Huegen, an experienced audio technology specialist.

• Specialist audio technology planner

• Certified as the responsible person for voice alarm systems according to DIN 14675

• Expert for noise measurement according to DGUV principle 309-010 §5

• Expert in sound emission measurement for workplaces and environmental protection

• Safety and health protection coordinator according to RAB30

Dete will play a key role in implementing high-quality audio solutions and further strengthening our standards in safety and health.

We warmly welcome Dete Huegen and look forward to working with him on exciting projects and continuing to provide best-in-class solutions for our customers.

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Audi IAA mobility 2023 | Visitor flow simulation

Audi IAA mobility 2023 | Visitor flow simulation

Audi IAA mobility 2023 | Visitor flow simulation

By using visitor flow simulations, we can predict the movement patterns of participants at events in advance. This is done by analyzing historical data, which allows us to make accurate predictions about visitor behavior. These predictions are invaluable for preventing bottlenecks, ensuring safety, and optimizing the overall attendee experience.

For the Audi AG Open Space on Wittelsbacherplatz, CMY Brand Solutions carried out extensive simulations that took into account the structural conditions, escape routes and evacuation plans in advance of the event. In this way, we were able to identify waiting times, bottlenecks and crowd density in the planning phase and control them through appropriate organizational measures. This allowed us to avoid overcrowding situations or safety risks at the exhibition stand.

In addition, CMY Brand Solutions has taken on comprehensive responsibility for planning and monitoring safety and health protection coordination (SiGeKo) both during the construction phase and during the event.

Contact us while planning your event to benefit from the advantages of early visitor flow simulation. (Optimization of room layout, Better visitor experience, Cost savings, Risk minimization, Adaptability)

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Audi Charging hub | Munich

Audi Charging hub | Munich

Audi Charging hub | Munich

Just in time for IAA Mobility 2023, the Obersendling district in the Bavarian capital Munich has taken another significant step towards sustainable mobility. With the opening of the new Audi Charging Hub, the fifth charging station of this type was put into operation.

CMY Brand Solutions GmbH, in cooperation with the Design League, has made a significant contribution to the successful implementation of this charging hub. Our experienced team at CMY took responsibility for AVL planning, electrical planning, security camera integration and PV system planning to ensure the project was implemented smoothly and efficiently.

Further charging hubs are being planned in other cities. These will expand the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and contribute to emission-free mobility..

#AudiChargingHub #SustainableMobility #IAAMobility2023 #Electromobility #CMYBrandSolutions #Emission-free

CMY Academy | security and health coordination on site training

CMY Academy | security and health coordination on site training

CMY Academy | security and health coordination on site training

CMY Brand Solutions is officially listed as a course provider at the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

In the dynamic world of construction, the well-being and safety of workers is of paramount importance. Coordinators have an immense responsibility to ensure this safety and their skills must be constantly refined in order to meet the requirements of Section 3 of the Construction Site Ordinance (BaustellV).

Die Bedeutung von kontinuierlicher Weiterbildung und höchsten Sicherheitsstandards auf Baustellen ist unbestreitbar. Ihre Zukunft als versierter Baustellenkoordinator beginnt hier. Investiere sie in ihre berufliche Entwicklung und tragen gleichzeitig dazu bei, Baustellen sicherer zu gestalten.

#SiGeKoTraining #Construction SiteSafety #Occupational SafetyTraining #SiGeKoCertification #ProfessionalCoordinators

Audi Charging Hub | Salzburg

Audi Charging Hub | Salzburg

Audi Charging Hub | Salzburg

Salzburg can look forward to the first Audi charging hub in Austria. This innovative charging park, which is available to Audi drivers and other electric vehicle owners, is a further step towards sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility.

After the successful locations in Nuremberg, Berlin and Zurich, Audi is once again underlining its commitment to promoting electromobility.

CMY Brand Solutions GmbH, on behalf of the Designliga, made a significant contribution to the implementation of this project. Our teams of experts were responsible for the AVL planning, electrical planning, planning of the security cameras and PV system.

#AudiChargingHub #Electromobility #Sustainability #CMYBrandSolutions #Designliga #Salzburg

Audi Desing Shanghai 2023

Audi Desing Shanghai 2023

Audi Desing Shanghai 2023

With great enthusiasm, Design Shanghai 2023, the most significant design fair in Asia, has come to an end. Audi showcased itself this year with its own booth in the exhibition halls and additionally impressed with a minimalist, white landmark located outside right at the entrance of the event.

We are delighted to announce that CMY Brand Solutions GmbH Germany was responsible for the audio, video, and lighting concept of Audi's presence at Design Shanghai. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to create a captivating and immersive experience for all visitors.

A big thank you goes to our colleagues at CMY Brand Solutions Ltd.Co. Shanghai, who collaborated closely with Chinese suppliers and clients to ensure a seamless implementation of the project. Through this intensive exchange, we were able to contribute to the success of Audi's exhibition on-site.

We look forward to continuing to develop innovative concepts and deliver top-notch solutions for our clients in the future.

#DesignShanghai2023 #AudiExhibition #CMYBrandSolutions #Teamwork #Innovation #EventExperience

Not enough charging stations for e-cars

Audi Charging Hub Berlin

Not enough charging stations for e-cars

Electric vehicles are on the rise and the number of electric cars on our roads is steadily increasing. But one of the biggest challenges for electric vehicles is providing sufficient charging stations to reduce drivers' range anxiety.

Audi has now opened another charging hub in Berlin after the locations in Nuremberg and Zurich. Audi Charging Hubs are an innovative solution that enables electric car drivers to charge their vehicle quickly and easily. These charging stations can be found in public places in different cities.

The neighboring freshness paradise and the Audi Charging Hub are supplied via a shared power line. The charging station, which is equipped with second-life batteries, only charges the buffer storage when the freshness paradise requires little electricity. With intelligent and dynamic load control, Audi ensures efficient use of the existing power infrastructure.

CMY Brand Solutions GmbH erstellte im Auftrag der Designliga für das Projekt die AVL-Planung, Elektroplanung, Planung der Sicherheitskameras und PV-Anlage.

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Important message to all organizers and builders!

Health and Safety Manager

Important message to all organizers and builders!

Whether you are building your dream home or planning an event, there is one crucial factor that you should not neglect - the Health and Safety Manager!

As soon as employees from several companies work on a construction site, the builder is obliged to appoint a safety and health protection coordinator (SiGeKo).
But what is SiGeKo anyway? SiGeKo stands for safety and health protection coordinator. This expert ensures that your construction project is safe and healthy.

Why is SiGeKo so important? Well, here are some reasons why you should have a SiGeKo by your side:.

1. Safety first: A SiGeKo ensures that all safety standards are observed. He identifies potential hazards and develops measures to avoid accidents.
2. Legal obligation: As a builder, you have the responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the construction. A SiGeKo supports you in complying with legal regulations and minimizing possible liability risks.
3. Health aspects: A SiGeKo not only pays attention to safety, but also to the health of all workers and craftsmen on the construction site. He ensures that appropriate protective measures are taken to minimize possible health risks.
4. Efficient construction processes: A good SiGeKo plans and coordinates the various trades on the construction site. This ensures that the project runs smoothly and avoids possible delays.

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Audi Shanghai 2023 - No more trade fairs after Corona.

Audi Shanghai 2023 - No more trade fairs after Corona

Audi Shanghai 2023 - No more trade fairs after Corona

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way companies present their products and services. During the pandemic, many trade shows have been canceled or postponed, and companies have had to switch to virtual events to keep their businesses running.

However, it is now becoming apparent that trade fairs will also play an important role in the post-COVID era. Trade fairs offer companies the opportunity to get in direct contact with customers and to present their products and services, which often has a significant impact on the success of a company.

This is also shown by Audi's successful participation in the Auto Shanghai Messe 2023. The Auto Shanghai Messe is the leading trade fair for the automotive industry in Asia and attracts a large number of visitors and exhibitors every two years.

While virtual events have their benefits, nothing can replace the energy and sense of community that comes from a physical event. People need encounters and interaction, and trade shows are a great way to make that happen. /p>

On behalf of Oettle Ferber associates GmbH, we, CMY Brand Solutions GmbH, were responsible for the accompanying object supervision of the architecture. Our partner company CMY Brand Solutions Co.Ltd. implemented in Shanghai.

No more trade fairs after Corona - that's not true.

#AutoShanghai #Fair #Event #CMYBrandSolutions #Audi

Volkswagen ID2 2023 Hamburg - Certainly an unforgettable event

Volkswagen Brand Expierence ID2 BEX 2023

Volkswagen ID2 2023 Hamburg - Certainly an unforgettable event

The ID2 was presented in Hamburg in April 2023. The future of the Volkswagen brand was presented to around 13,000 dealers and importers from all over the world. Visitors could see the latest Volkswagen models up close and take part in interactive workshops and lectures.

The safety of visitors, employees and participants was the top priority throughout the event. The experts from CMY Brand Solutions carefully analyzed the security risks and developed a tailor-made security concept tailored to the specific needs of the event.

During set-up and dismantling and at the event, CMY Brand Solutions ensured that all specifications and regulations were observed. In doing so, the flexible and adaptable security concept has been continuously developed and continuously adapted to all events and requirements.

#SiGeKo #Security Concept #BEX2023 #BrandExperience #Volkswagen

Audi Pavillon | Autostadt

Audi Pavillon Autostadt

Audi Pavillon Autostadt | Autostadt

The time has finally come, the Audi Pavilion in the Autostadt opens its doors as the first permanent Audi House of Progress. At the grand opening ceremony, the guests enthusiastically celebrated the completely redesigned exhibition concept with the four brand values of digitization, design, performance and sustainability.

As a partner of Schmidhuber Brand Experience, CMY Brand Solutions was responsible for planning the audio, media and lighting technology, the entire electrical installation from the NSHV, the network and fiber optic connection, and the control technology for the individual components.

The close and constructive cooperation with our project partners and customers has led to a fantastic result. We look forward to future exciting projects!

Kudos to our team, Stephan Löper, Axel Schiller, Dete Huegen, Stefan Sarow, Jing Zhang, Michael Frese, Markus Tillmann, who were responsible for the great result with their commitment and passion.

Link: Schmidhuber Brand Experience

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Light planning – more than just lighting

Light planning

Light planning – more than just lighting

Good lighting planning is crucial for the atmosphere and function of a room. But what makes successful lighting design? And how can architects and builders get the best out of the lighting?

Lighting design is a crucial consideration when designing spaces. It requires a deep understanding of function, aesthetics and user needs to achieve optimal lighting results. Successful lighting design can be created by taking innovative technologies and sustainability standards into account. Good lighting design is functional, aesthetic, energy-efficient, comfortable, flexible and creates security.

The CMY lighting design team will help you find the perfect balance between lighting and design. We look forward to putting your construction projects in a bright and successful light!

CMY receives Aktion Mensch seal

Aktion Mensch Siegel

CMY receives Aktion Mensch seal

CMY Brand Solutions recently received the Aktion Mensch seal. The Aktion Mensch seal is awarded to companies that make special efforts to provide barrier-free access to the world of work for people with disabilities and socially disadvantaged groups. The seal also certifies that the company pursues responsible and sustainable action in the areas of social, environmental and economic life.

For CMY Brand Solutions, receiving the Aktion Mensch seal is confirmation of their commitment to an inclusive society and the social responsibility they assume as a company. CMY Brand Solutions is committed to equality for all employees and the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

More about Aktion Mensch:Click to see on Web

Promotion of young talent Vermins Baseball

Promotion of young talent

Promotion of young talent Vermins Baseball

The Wesseling Vermins have undergone a remarkable development in recent years and have become one of the leading baseball clubs in the region.

The club places great emphasis on teaching young players not only the basics of baseball, but also on developing their social skills and teamwork abilities. Through regular training and attending tournaments, the young talents have the opportunity to improve their interpersonal skills and develop important team skills.

Promoting social skills and teamwork among children and young people is an important contribution to the development of a strong and healthy community. Supporting sports clubs like the Wesseling Vermins can help ensure that young people not only learn sports skills, but also develop important social skills that will be of great benefit to them later in life.

CMY Brand Solutions wishes good luck for the upcoming season.

More about the Vermins:
Click to see on Wikipedia
Click to see on Deutscher Baseball Verband
Click to see on Website Vermins

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Audi Charging Hub Zurich

Audi Charging Hub Zurich

Audi Charging Hub Zurich

After the first Audi charging hub in Nuremberg, the second Audi charging hub was opened in Zurich on November 7th, 2022. The four charging points at the entrance to the Zurich Exhibition Center car park have an output of up to 320 kW per charging point. In particular, the hub provides more charging power than the connection would actually provide. By using second-life batteries.

#cmybrandsolutions #lightingdesign #AudiCharginghub #lightplanning #architecturelight #showlight #technicalplanning

AEG Kitchen-Center-Löhne

CMY Brand Solutions GmbH

AEG Kitchen-Center-Löhne

In September, Electrolux, AEG and Zanussi presented their product highlights in the Kitchen-Center-Löhne on the kitchen mile.

At the world's largest kitchen trade fair for professionals from trade and industry, AEG presented the Matt Black Range, which received a Reddot Award 2021. 𝐂𝐌𝐘 𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 staged the products with a completely new lighting concept, which delighted the trade visitors.

#cmybrandsolutions #lightingdesign #eventdesign #lichtplanung #architekturlicht #showlicht #technischeplanung

CMY Brand Solutions GmbH

CMY Brand Solutions GmbH

CMY Brand Solutions GmbH

Goodbye 𝐂𝐌𝐘 𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐔𝐆. Founded in the middle of the corona pandemic, we say goodbye to 𝐂𝐌𝐘 𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐔𝐆 after just over a year. We would like to thank everyone who has walked the path with us and who have placed their trust in us. During this time, impressive and remarkable projects have been created that have been implemented with the highest quality.

After this successful start, we are looking forward to an exciting future as 𝐂𝐌𝐘 𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐒𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐆𝐦𝐛𝐇.

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Audi House of Progress

Audi House of Progress Mooncity Vienna

Audi House of Progress

Audi transformed MOONCITY Vienna in the 1st district into the "Audi House of Progress"

In the middle of Vienna's city centre, visitors to the Audi House of Progress can experience the wide range of possibilities offered by electric mobility at the brand with the four rings. Audi shows how the automotive boundaries are shifting in the new era – and what fascinating vehicles are resulting from it. With MOONCITY Vienna in Kärntnerstraße, Porsche Holding Salzburg has created a perfect opportunity to present brands and explain the topic of electromobility in more detail.

Lightingdesign: CMY Brand solutions
Concept: Schmidhuber Brand Experience
Photo: PMC 2021 Barbara Nidetzky

Audi charging hub

Audi charging hub Nuernberg

Audi charging hub

The first Audi charging hub will open on December 23, 2021 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. The fast charging station offers six reservable charging stations with up to 320 kW charging power. While the battery is charging, you can relax in the upstairs lounge.

The audio/video and lighting planning, as well as electrical planning, was carried out by CMY Brand Solutions. Concept and design come from Designliga | Office for space and communication.


CMY Brand Solutions Zusammen gegen Corons


We can only get through these times together if everyone is vaccinated.

That's why we support this great action by antoni Berlin.

Audi Allianz Arena Munich 2021

Audi Allianz Arena Munich 2021

Audi Allianz Arena Munich 2021

Modification of two Audi Lounges and the Audi Loge in the ALLIANZ ARENA in Munich.

On behalf of Schmidhuber Brand Experience GmbH we were responsible for the audio, video and architectural lighting design.

The special challenge was to partially integrate the new planning into the existing structure. The result is impressive and reflects the new design line of Audi AG. Many thanks to Metron Eging and Wilhelm & Willhalm.

Audi Shanghai 2021

Audi Shanghai 2021

Audi Shanghai Autoshow 2021

The first main Auto Show after the start of the Corona pandemic took place in Shanghai in April 2021. Manufacturers finally had the opportunity to communicate in direct contact with press representatives and customers again. .

CMY Brand Solutions China took over the construction accompanying quality and object supervision of the architecture on site on behalf of oettle ferber associates. The construction process was seamlessly monitored and documented on site.

Astrid Lui (Managing Director of CMY Brand Solutions China) and her professionally qualified colleague Frank Wu ensured a smooth construction process. An important component was the close communication with oettle ferber associates and Audi AG as well as the executing companies on site, which was simplified by Astrid Lui's perfect Chinese and English language skills.

World premiere | Audi Convention

Audi Q4 e-tron

World premiere of the Audi Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron

With a top-class world premiere, Audi heard the Audi Q4 e-tron and the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron in Ingolstadt in April. At the second digital “celebration of progress”, CMY Brand Solutions was responsible for the technical planning, rig and kinetics.

For the short-sighted Audi Convention, CMY Brand Solutions developed the lighting design. This was visualized in advance of the event with Syncronorm DEPENCE².

#Worldpremiere #AudiConvention

Boost for the CMY Team

Stephan Löper

Our team continues to grow!

We are pleased to welcome Stephan Löper as another permanent employee in the CMY Brand Solutions team on April 1st.

As a trained architect and with over 30 years of experience as a lighting designer in projects around the world, his knowledge will enrich the team and our customers.

As an expert in the field of architectural lighting and special design solutions, he is available to answer any questions. Welcome Stephan!

Audi Convention | Audi e-tron GT

Audi Convention

Virtual events need a stage

The first Audi Convention of the year took place in Ingolstadt in February 2021. CMY Brand Solutions took over the technical planning for the light, rig and kinetics for this virtual event.

On February 9, 2021, Audi will celebrate the world premiere of the Audi e-tron GT with two events on the “Day of Progress” and show how a spectator experience can be created even if the visitors cannot be there in person. With a well thought-out staging, tension is created, while at the same time an informative storytelling generates emotional and informative attention.

The Munich agency SCHMIDHUBER designed a perfectly designed brand experience. The product - the Audi e-tron GT - is staged on a built stage with the magic of light. The resulting powerful images ensure a sustainable user experience and maximum length of stay at this online event.

#dayofprogress #endofsecrecy #etrongt #etron #audi #weltpremiere #worldpremiere #virtualevents #digital #CMYBrandSolutions

Service Module

Service Modul

Service Modul 1: People flow simulation

Service Modul 2: Monitoring

Service Modul 3: Hygiene concepts

CMY Brand Solutions advises and supports you in the safe implementation of exhibitions and events.

#Corona #Covid19 #MitAbstanddieBesten #FirstInLastOut #CMYBrandSolutions

Visitor flow simulation

Visitor flow simulaion

CMY Brand Solutions offers a solution consisting of three modules for the changed conditions at events caused by Covid-19.

Simulation, monitoring and hygiene concepts tailored to the event guarantee the best possible protection for organisers and visitors.

The Viedo below shows a visitor flow simulation based on a fictive location with more than 1150 PAX in 45 minutes, with a distance of 1.80 m between each other. The simulation of visitor flows and movements also shows that up to 1500 PAX would be possible.

Already in an early planning phase problems become apparent and necessary solutions can be worked out.

Click to see the Simulation Video...

#Corona #Covid19 #MitAbstanddieBesten #FirstInLastOut #CMYBrandSolutions

Night of Light

Night of Light

The Night of Light 2020, planned as a fiery appeal to politics and society to draw attention to the precarious situation in the event industry caused by the Corona crisis and as a consequence of the cancellation of all events, concerts, exhibitions and other events, took place in the night from 22nd to 23rd June.

But how can a way out of the crisis look like and what concepts are there to make sure that events can be secured again as soon as possible, while observing hygiene and distance rules?

One thing is for sure, only with well thought-out solutions and a well thought-out concept a slow return to normal events is possible.

It is essential to simulate the flow of people and develop hygiene concepts at an early planning stage. During operation, an anonymous and DSGVO-compliant people counting and distance measurement is then indispensable for the protection of all visitors, customers and employees. In addition, regular disinfection measures become indispensable.

We will be happy to consult you and develop concepts to make your future events a success

#NightofLight2020 #Corona #Covid19 #MitAbstanddieBesten #FirstInLastOut #CMYBrandSolutions

CMY Brand Solutions China

CMY Brand Solutions Office Shanghai China

In March 2020, CMY Brand Solutions opens the China Office in Shanghai. From now on all the future business in China will be operated and delivered from there. Astrid Lui is our experienced local contact person for the Chinese market.

As a trained, leading marketing specialist with 15 years of extensive experience in strategic planning, creative development, lifestyle co-branding activities and a variety of events, she manages the office in Shanghai as Managing Director.

Home office was yesterday

CMY Brand Solutions Homeoffice

Home office was yesterday. The CMY network of technical planners, safety experts and architects works flexibly regardless of location. Old office structures are broken up and enable quick and efficient action adapted to the requirements of clients. The classic office and home office are a thing of the past.

Virtual meeting rooms enable cost and time-optimized meetings with clients, planning partners and executing trades. The future of the office is everywhere.

Sustainability | Green IT

CMY Brand Solutions Sustainability


Green IT means the environmentally and resource-saving use of information and communication technologies. Basically it will be distinguished between Green in IT and Green through IT. "Green in IT" realizes the possibilities to minimize infrastructures, IT and communication end devices resource and energy requirements. "Green through IT", on the other hand, enables the saving of resources and energy to be saved, particularly through the use of IT, for example when air travel can be replaced by telephone and video conferences. Sustainable IT is therefore a holistic, resource, energy and cost-effective implementation of IT solutions for companies.

Sustainable IT minimizes the costs of investment and maintenance. The IT resources adapt flexibly to the requirements of the companies. Longer service life thanks to modern software and web-based applications. Abolition of hardware-based servers to secured Cloud solutions.

Launch New Website

CMY Brand Solutions New Website

The new CMY Brand Solutions Website is online.

Evacuation Simulation with crowd:it

Entfluchtung Simulation crowd:it

Safety | Evacuation | Analyses

Evacuation simulations of our network partner are worth seeing. With crowd: it, a software developed for microscopic, agent-based simulation and analysis of pedestrians.

Click to see...

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