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CMY Brand Solutions


Project Description

Audi Pavillon
House of Progress

The redesign of the exhibition in the Audi Pavilion in the Autostadt Wolfsburg has been completed. The result is the Audi House of Progress. CMY Brand Solutions was responsible for audio, video, light, IT and ELT planning as a specialist planner, coordinator and for object monitoring.

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Audi Pavillon Autostadt House of Prgresse
Project Details

Audi Pavillon Autostadt House of Progress

The Audi House of Progress is a symbol of the transformation of the Audi brand. New technologies and ideas in the fields of electromobility, digitization and autonomous driving are presented in the Audi House of Progress. It offers visitors the opportunity to experience and learn about the latest technologies and innovations from Audi. In various exhibition areas and interactive installations, visitors get an insight into the future of mobility.

The challenge was to modernize the existing building to meet current technology and design requirements. CMY Brand Solutions has ensured that modern technology and products are used to create a unique experience for visitors.

CMY Brand Solutions > Audio | Media | light | ELT | Network/LWL | control technology